Working together to deliver quality community training

Community training has the potential to have a significant impact on suicide deaths – the more people who do this training, the better equipped our communities will be to support each other.

There are a number of different suicide prevention & mental health training programs available in our region. However, without good coordination, we have no way of knowing how many people are being trained or whether they are finding the training helpful.

To maximise the positive impact of training, we need to work together to coordinate its delivery.

To do this, the Collaborative has been working with local trainers to set up a short evaluation survey that can be used across all suicide prevention and mental health training programs.

"For the first time, we'll be able to give trainers a clear indication of where training is needed and which groups of people need training. And, we'll be able to provide each trainer with feedback on the impact of their training, even when they deliver a range of different programs," says Alex Hains, Regional Manager of the Collaborative.

First training report released!

The first six-monthly report summarising data from trainings/trainers who have participated in the evaluation so far is now available. 

Click here to access the report

At this stage, this first report only includes data from those involved in trialing the new evaluation. And so, while it doesn’t yet reflect all training that was delivered in the region within the time period, it gives us a sense of the valuable insights this evaluation will provide.

"The more trainers that use this evaluation, the more representative and valuable this report will be for everyone."

Click here to find out more about the benefits for trainers and how to get involved with the evaluation.