• Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative

Who we are

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative (the Collaborative) was established in 2015 to tackle the region’s high rates of suicide.


‘The Collaborative’ is simply a term we use to describe the organisations and individuals who have come together to reduce suicide deaths and attempts in the Illawarra Shoalhaven region. It consists of representatives from more than 40 significant organisations across health, education, community, local media, police, ambulance, employment agencies, Aboriginal organisations, local councils, and transport, as well as lived experience advocates.


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Recent news

Voices of In-Sight workshop

8 June 2022

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative ensures that the insight and experiential wisdom of people with a lived experience of suicide is central in the development and implementation of collective suicide prevention activities across the region.

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Suicide: there are services available to help those left behind

31 May 2022

Five years on from the death of Sandy’s husband by suicide, what are we doing differently to support those in her shoes today?

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Creating change through lived experience of suicide

21 April 2022

Many people within our communities have a lived experience of suicide.

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Loneliness is a universal yet deeply personal experience

24 January 2022

'Loneliness is a universal yet deeply personal experience' Despite what many of us had hoped, COVID is continuing to interrupt our routines, the ways we move around our community and our social interactions.

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