Illawarra Hawks join QPR campaign for suicide prevention

On Tuesday 4 December, the Illawarra Hawks completed Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) training with the Collaborative.

The team learned how to recognise the warning signs for suicide, and how to support your mate in seeking help.

Both on and off the field, sporting culture plays a big role in bringing people together. Men in particular may rely upon sporting clubs and teams for emotional support.

“A lot of sporting clubs become a quasi family for men who may not be comfortable talking to anyone else,” said Alex Hains, Regional Manager of the Collaborative.  

“In the same way the club supports the players to perform well on the field, QPR is a quick training method that’s evidence-based around reducing suicide deaths. It’s a way of helping teammates talk to each other about how they’re coping emotionally.”

Check out the full story in the Illawarra Mercury.

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