Mindframe provides local media training

Illawarra Shoalhaven is working together to reduce suicide by doing what works.

Media and their story sources can play a crucial role in reducing suicide deaths by providing safe media coverage, improving awareness and promoting help-seeking.

Recently, the Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative offered local media, communications professionals and community spokespeople the opportunity to undertake ‘Mindframe Plus’ media training.

The Mindframe National Media Initiative (Mindframe) aims to encourage responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media.

Mindframe Plus is a new training which has been especially developed for the LifeSpan suicide prevention project trial sites. The training built on the original two hour Mindframe training and was co-designed with local members of the community to ensure it would meet the needs of our region.

For more information on the Mindframe National Media Initiative click here.