Training Reports

In order to maximise the impact of community suicide prevention and mental health training programs, we need to work together to coordinate its delivery.

Local training evaluation

The Collaborative has set up a short evaluation survey that can be used across all community training programs. The benefits of all trainers using the same evaluation are:

1) For the first time, we’ll be able to give trainers a clear indication of where training is needed and which groups of people need training.

2) And we’ll be able to provide each trainer with feedback on the impact of their training, even when they deliver a range of different programs.

These benefits should make it a lot easier for trainers and training organisations to promote future training and reach community members who are in real need.

Training Snapshots

Every six months a report providing a snapshot of the community suicide prevention training that has occurred within the Illawarra Shoalhaven will be produced.

Data from all participating trainers is combined in this report and there will be no comparison of the impact between training programs or between training providers. As above, trainers will also have the opportunity to receive a tailored report on their training programs.

Click here to view the first report coming out of this evaluation. Please note that being the first run of this report, it does not yet include data from all trainings delivered in the region within the time period (only those who conducted the evaluation). 

The more trainers that use this evaluation, the more representative and valuable this report will be for everyone.