Community suicide prevention training

Community suicide prevention training

There are a range of evidence-based training programs available, accommodating those wanting something relatively quick that can easily fit into their schedules as well as those wanting more detail and the opportunity to practice new skills with face-to-face support.

Training details What does the training involve?      What will the training cover?  How much will it cost?  Who should attend?  How do I access this training? 
 Length options  Online Face-to face  Suicide prevention General mental health
Question, Persuade Refer (QPR) online* 1 hr  Yes    Yes   $10 Any adult Click here
QPR face-to-face* 1.5 - 3 hrs    Yes  Yes   TBC Any adult

via Lifeline (click here)

via QPR Live (click here)

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)* 2 days    Yes  Yes   $0 - $300** Any person over 16 yr

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Request here

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Standard  2 days    Yes    Yes $0 - $200**  Any adult Click here 
MHFA Youth  2 days    Yes    Yes Adults working or living with adolescents
MHFA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 2 days    Yes    Yes Adults working or living with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
MHFA Conversations about suicide  4 hrs    Yes  Yes   Any adult 
Wesley LifeForce 1 day, 4 hrs, 2hrs    Yes  Yes   $0 - $100** Any adult Click here

*These trainings have the strongest evidence for reducing suicide deaths and attempts

**Prices are decided by the individual or organisation delivering training